ACCREATION – Creation through Accretion…

Let’s build something… you and I…  Let’s come together and create something.  Something so radical and ingenious – something beyond our wildest dreams.  Let’s challenge the extent of human creativity.  Solve major world problems, bring peace and happiness to mankind… or just do something really cool and interesting.

All we have to do is set a goal – no matter how outrageous, ridiculous, or crazy it may sound… it doesn’t matter.  JUST SET A GOAL.  But not just any goal – let’s make it something that you and I REALLY care about.  Not something so trivial that we’ll forget about it in 10 minutes – but let’s take 10 minutes to think about something that will TRULY make us happy or give us an enormous sense of satisfaction.

Then let’s find people who share similar goals, who have the expertise and resources, and ask them to join us.  Let’s keep building our network… keep adding more knowledge, information, tools, and resources until we have what it takes to accomplish our goal.  Through this process of accretion, let’s CREATE something.  And together, we will begin Accreation.

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